BBC Sissy ID Card

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Would you like to become an official registered BBC Sissy and show the world what a BBC obsessed little f*** puppet you are? If so, you can buy your official ID Card, which registers you as an official BBC Sissy on BBC Sissy Social and all our sister sites. 

Sorry girls but to register as an official BBC Sissy and receive your own ID card there is, unfortunately a £35 charge. Plus an option to be featured on the block chain as an NFT. Which means you must pay an agreed upon price to have it removed within a certain time or it will be put up for sale on Opensea. It will also be featured on our sister site Meta-Sissy!

An example finished product will look like this:

For customisation: See below. Send details to:

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Custom Digital BBC Sissy ID Card

Sissy Name
Your sissy name
Real Name
Birth Name/ Alias
Phone Number with Country Code
Sex Skills/Fetishes
Left side column 1 Left (Max 6) customised to your interests
Humiliating traits
Left side column 2 Right colume (Max 6) customised to your interests
URL of website/online/profile etc
Your Email Address
Profile Pic
Rounded Framed Profile Image (Send to

BBC Sissy ID Card

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